Journal of the School of Art History

Academy of Art University

As art historians, we narrate the journey of artists and their work, providing a vernacular for the world to discuss and critique.

The Journal of the School of Art History

Academy of Art University




2016, Volume 1

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2017, Volume 2 Submission Deadline: November 19, 2016
Call for Submissions: 2017, Volume 2

The AAU Art History department will be accepting submissions for the second issue of our art history journal, Alla Prima, set to be published electronically Spring of 2017. We are looking for original art historical research papers and art history book reviews from students, alumni, and faculty. Here is your chance to get your writing published and read. We are also looking for volunteer student editors who will review journal submissions, meet with the student editorial board to select the finalists, and learn about the publishing process. First choice will be given to art history majors, both undergrads and graduates. Please note that this is a free journal and student editors and authors will not be paid.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be original and previously unpublished, although papers submitted as class assignments are acceptable.


Essays must be at least 1200 words in length, book reviews must be 500 words in length. All essays need to be in formal, academic prose with notations in the Chicago Style and formatted with double-spacing and 12-pt Times or Times Roman font.


NOTE: Submissions may require further revision before publication and writers must be willing to  make changes if requested. Books selected for book review need to have been published within the last year.


Use the Contact link, above, to submit questions and comments.